Have something wonderful created just for you! Choose from our fine collection of loose colored stones, (or bring in one of your own) give us an idea of what you would like, or let us design something for you. Have the jewel you want custom made to your specifications. We work in any precious metal, providing any gemstone.
• Jewelry design
• Custom jewelry manufacture
• Heirloom care and repair
• Beadstringing
• Appraisals
Bring us your heirloom jewelry for care or repair. Re-create pieces out of date or over worn. Make something old new again. Restring a gemstone strand, size an old ring to fit. Go through your jewelry box with an eye toward making all of your favorites fit and fine again. We can help!

Free ring polishing - while you wait.
By doing something in smaller pieces, many projects become more accessible, even on a budget! Choose a gemstone and a payment arrangement that suits you. When the gemstone is paid, do the same with the mounting itself. Simple!