Is it time to sell some gold?

Probably so.
If you’re waiting for the best time to sell items you never intend to wear or rebuild, now would be the time to take advantage of the highest ever gold prices we are experiencing.
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How do I find if my collection has value?

FIRST: separate by type all of the pieces in your collection. Group together any pieces to which you are sentimentally attached, and are certain you will never part with. Set those aside.

SECOND: Separate by category the remainder by metal content. Silver, gold, and costume have very different values, and the value of each will be determined by its weight.
Further sorting within these groups would be the purity of the metals (10k, 14k, 18k, etc…).
Sort out anything with a significant stone to be considered separately.

THIRD: Bring in your collection and we can give you the current value for your pieces. When you sell your pieces to us you can receive a cash settlement, or a store credit worth an additional 10%.
If you need help sorting your collection, just make an appointment and we will help you, free of charge. Often the difficulty is in determining the different gold contents from each other, as well as the gold filled, plated, or washed.

We value our relationship with all of our clients. To that end, we offer the highest return on your precious metals.
In an effort to socially distance as much as possible while still meeting the needs of our clients, we offer a one on one consultation with our experienced appointment.
Please contact us to arrange a time convenient to you.

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